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Since its creation, GassyTour focused on developing sustainable tourism in Madagascar, In 2016, we signed with ANTSORE (Association Nationale du Toursime Solidaire et Responsable) the Charter of the Malagasy Network of Responsible and Solidarity Tourism and committed to comply with the regulations put in place such as the codes of conduct, the Responsible Purchase policy.

Sustainability has always held an important place in our company.Our goal to become an important player in the harmonious development of the country so that all employees, partners and local communities benefit from economic rewards of tourism. We aim to achieve this while respecting the environment and the cultural preservation of the country for future generations.

We dedicated to offer Responble Travel to  all our customers



Our commitment is manifest to everyone: our country, our communities, our employees.

As an actor in the development and promotion of sustainable tourism in Madagascar, we are responsible and are aware of the role we play in our country whether it is economically, socially or environmentally level.

Our Sustainable Development policy, which highlights our commitment and daily actions to have a positive and lasting impact on people, biodiversity, the economy and future generations is available  here

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  • We encourage sustainable and Responsible Purchase practise amongst our employees, clients , suppliers and the local communities
  • We establish Hotels and Suppliers partnerships in order to maximize the impact of the tourism local economies.
  • We ensure transparent and fair management of tourism revenues



  • We give priority to local resources by paying them at their fair value
  • We educate our  employees to  respect of the Charter of Conduct reflected in the Purchase Responsible Policy and ensure its implementation
  • We treat and promote cultural heritage (traditions and costumes) with respect and make sure that our travellers/clients will be informed about them accordingly.




  • We are committed to purchase responsible consumption in order to preserve the environment and our planet. We have an ethical commitment to the purchase of recycled papers for our office, non-harmful cleaning products; minimize the use of plastic and other harmful products. we use water sparingly
  • We accept or use exclusively labels and certificates containing environmental and sustainability  statements
  • We  participate in reforestation and encourage our clients to do so during  their visit if it is possible



We are deeply committed to the development of sustainable tourism. This is the driving force behind our Tour Operator: a more conscious, sensitive and sustainable way of travelling. Our development excellence has been rewarded 

Since March 2018, we are Travelife certified "Excellence in Sustainability",  a certification  which is an international recognition awarded to companies recognized as being in full compliance in the area of ​​their social responsibility and their sustainable policy, including topics as varied as the environment, biodiversity, human rights and labor relations.

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We advocate Community-Based Tourism (CBT) to ensure that local communities fully own and manage the tourism experience, so that the economic benefits of tourism remain within their communities.


A Community- Based Tourism  is designed to give travellers an authentic taste of a local community’s heritage, cultural practices and natural resources, providing an immersive and rich travel experience




  • 2022:Distribution of school kits at the Primary School of Ambohitrimanjato in partnership with  Chameleon Reisen 
  • 2021: Distribution of school kits at the Primary School of Ambohitrimanjato and at Victoria Fitsimbinana in partnership with Chameleon Reisen 
  • 2018: Renovation of the Primary School of Ambohimanjato in partnership with Chameleon Reisen
  • 2017 : Donation to AVIMA Vakinankaratra
  • 2014: Distribution of  a school Kit at Primary school Belazao in partnership of Chameleon Reisen




  •  AVIMA :  Association  Villageois Malagasy  ( Community Based Tourism)
  • GERP:  Groupement des Etudes et Recherches  sur les Primates 
  • Domaine St François
  • Association Victoria Fitsimbinana (ASAMA)

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